Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Inspired By Missoni

Remember last week when I ordered a few new pieces of "career" clothing from the Missoni collection for Target? Well, the wait to see it is over. My package arrived today, and I was chomping at the bit to see it in person.

Of course, it is bedlam when I first walk in the door from work. All four kids compete for my undivided attention, each talking louder than the next. The first five minutes are uncontrolled chaos. After loving on the kids, hearing about school and petting two Jack Russells, I want to check the mail, start dinner, and do a million things. So long as I take a few minutes to greet the kids and give them one on one time, they will leave me alone long enough to get some stuff done.

Normally, I would start dinner and then go through the mail. Much like a Passover Seder, tonight was different from all other nights. I literally put dinner on the back burner (turkey burgers and baked potato wedges) so I could tear open the Tyvek envelopes from Target. The kids could sense my excitement and I let them help.

After releasing the clothes from the plastic over wrap, unfolding the knits, and sitting down, I was able to see what all the hype was about. The made in China Missoni for Target was pretty damn nice. Compared to my REAL Mi$$oni from the good old, disposable cash, single without children days it was a nice substitute for the genuine article. Truth be told, the Target Missoni was lovely, if you only have forty bucks to spend. And let me remind you, I barely had the forty bucks to spend.

So....What will it be, a year of kindergarten tuition, or the legit, Made in Italy Mi$$oni? Ughhhhhh, Right. Hello Target. Welcome to Made in China Missoni. This is how I roll now.

As much as I wanted to fawn all over the knits and examine them thread by thread, I had dinner to make and kids to entertain. Normally, in this exact situation, I would allow the munchkins to watch Phineas & Ferb, lest I have to break up fights, ration toys and deal with whining about how much longer it would be before dinner is ready. Tonight, I did not have this luxury. We were no go for tv viewing tonight- of all nights.

This morning, Jeff scheduled a carpet cleaner to come and sanitize our stairs, play room and basement floor coverings. Since he did this on trade, through the barter club, I did not get involved. I let my husband handle the whole thing. I did not micro manage the job. Instead, I went to work and looked forward to coming home to fresh and clean carpets.

SHOCKER! The so-called professional that agreed to clean on trade dollars, left me with soaking wet stairs and carpeting. Sure, it is ungodly humid, but I seriously doubt it is supposed to be this squishy hours later. There is a reason he was working on barter and had availability on short notice. The reason is most likely that he sucked. Or in this case, did not suck up the water after he cleaned. FAIL.

There was no way I could pop the kids in front of Phineas & Ferb- not on that carpeting. I know my monkeys, and they would have been skating, stomping, splashing and reeking havoc on that wet mess. Obviously, I had to plan B it.

I told the kids a short, but sweet story about the House of Missoni. Cue my annoying, higher pitched, teaching voice, "See these beautiful clothes, they are made by the licensed brand called Missoni. It is a family run business from Italy. The Missoni family has been making these colorful woven knits (demonstrating using the dress) since 1953, the designs are collected because they are wearable art, blah blah blah." With my sticky sweet spin on the merchandise, even my kids were pumped up about my new sweaters and dress. Couture is contagious, even the wanna be kind from Target.

I struck while the iron was hot. I made my move. With spiral notebooks full of paper, and 600 broken, stubby crayons, I put the garments

on the kitchen table. I encouraged them to touch the fabric and feel the way the threads are woven into the bold, graphic stripes. I asked my proteges to study the patterns. I suggested they draw a similar design using lots of color. This engaged them, kept them relatively busy and quiet, and bought me some time to finish dinner, sans the robotic babysitter known as television.

Did I miss that whiny bitch, Candace as the kids were constructing faux knit fabric? Did I long for the sound of Phineas & Ferb acting like complete goons in the next room? No. No I did not. At all.

Instead, I listened as the Missoni inspired four and five year olds crafted. I heard them discussing Italy. I was impressed with their vast knowledge of very specific colors.

It was music to my ears. My fashionista and couture clad ways were validated. My pride was hard to contain.

So while the Target version Missoni clothes may not be collectible, high quality, one of kind pieces of wearable art- they do inspire curious minds. My kids and I are officially inspired by Missoni.

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