Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Eye Carumba, another Co-Pay

It is official. 2011 is the year of the co-pay. Chinese restaurants might say otherwise, but here at the Slutskys, we are all about paying deductibles and shelling out co-pays like candy on Halloween.

Cue the insurance card and $40 for the eye doctor visit. CJ was due to get his vision screening and glasses re-evaluated. Last year, we tried to strengthen his lazy left eye with glasses. This year, we checked for progress.

The various tests

and charts proved that he has poor eye muscle coordination. His right eye is much stronger and is helping keep the left one lazy, which means, we either need to patch him or try the dilating drops on Friday afternoons. We are going to do the drops for 3 months and then re-evaluate his improvement.

CJ's eye glass prescription has changed. He needs new glasses. This is one area of the whole "cadillac" health care plan that is sorely lacking. We do not have vision coverage for frames or materials. As much as I wanted to order the $99 NIKE frames from the eye doctor, I could not justify the expense (over $200 with the lenses) when I knew we could get something similar from Coastal Contacts or Best Price for a fraction of the price. It is a good thing CJ is really mellow about the look of his accessories. If this was one of the girls I would totally be screwed.

Today, I ordered two pairs of eye glasses for CJ. With upgraded lenses, frames and shipping, two pairs were $58 delivered to my front door. I am sure these will suffice until our re-check in 90 days.

And I thought diapers and preemie formula were expensive? I was so clueless to the future back then, but I am getting smarter. We better get orthodontic coverage STAT!

Eye Carumba.

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Misti said...

I had vision therapy as a kid. It wasn't the most fun thing to do, but it didn't hurt. I doubt I could play tennis (or even drive) if I hadn't had it. Help me remember to share my experiences while we're shopping next week :).

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