Friday, September 23, 2011

Catching Up and Honing In

The title of this post is intentional. There is a play on words because as I am retroactively getting caught up on the blog posts. I am also, catching up on just about everything else. Since I started working full time, I have to re prioritize many tasks.

I could blow smoke up your ass and give you a list of 177 reasons why I am not current on the posts, but I will not bore you to tears. If I had the time to blog more religiously, I would. If I tweeted every five minutes, had a facebook moderator, and a following of haters, perhaps I would place a higher value on this blog- but I don’t. THANK GAWD I am not a “public figure.”

Where I have been slacking, my sweet Natalie however, is doing her own catching up. She has already lost a second tooth, catching her up to Eli in that department.
You could not wipe the smile off of her face. As she posed for these photos, Eli and CJ were trying to hone in on her glory. Since I am one to keep it real, this is what it is like to raise multiples- they get in each others space, hog the limelight and fight for face time. The camera is a digital device that brings out the goon in my kids. Nice.

CJ got his new glasses and now he too is catching up on the compliments. He loves wearing glasses and these are the specs I ordered from Best Price Glasses- not bad at all. CJ now now has two very different options for accessorizing with eye wear.
Again, you will see other children trying to be recognized and acknowledged in the images I was taking of CJ. Excellent.

Not to be left out from tooth fairy mania and eye-glass-o-rama, Charlotte created her own photo worthy moment. She has perfected the twirly dress spin. This girl was sure to get some wind up under that layered skirting

and as I snapped the photos, she demanded that I show them to her on the LCD screen. Apparently, she did not trust that I was capturing the volume in the spin. I could not keep up with her ability to twirl, twirl, twirl.

This week, the daily blog update and Helene report is delayed because my real life gig as a personal shopper, tooth fairy, chef, bus driver, action photographer, and blogger are causing me to fall behind. It is a good thing I am able to retroactively get caught up. I can hone in on it.

Stay tuned for post-a-palooza.

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