Thursday, August 25, 2011

Two Down, Four to Go

Jeff has a witty but warped sense of humor and more often than not, he says things that are borderline, crass or inappropriate. Today, however, he nailed it. As I was getting all choked up watching Mitchell pack up the cars to head to college, Jeff turned my frown upside down by saying, "Well honey, two down, only four to go!"

Jeff simply can't wait for us to be empty nesters. We never got the chance to be newlyweds, alone without kids. We started our marriage with dogs and kids and it multiplied, literally, from there. I like it this way, but I think that my husband would like a break from the day to day chaos that is a house full of dependents or "takers" as he loving calls them.

With Amanda and Mitchell away at college we are looking at four more to go. Four more and about 14 years, but whatever. As Mitchell loaded his prized possessions into the van and "blue shiny" I felt a little sad. Despite all the grief he causes and daily messes he makes, I am going to miss his dumb ass. We have had some good times.

I was not even upset or sad until I saw Mitchell saying his good-byes to the kids

and Pennylane. As he hugged each one and made me swear I would not post the photos on my blog, I felt the tears welling up in my eyes. Of course I was going to post the photos on my blog, it is my blog. The all mighty blog for crissakes. Wooooo. The blog. I am a blogger. Gahhhhhhhh.

This Mitchell is the same little pisher that asked me if I would go on a date with his father- 9 years ago this month. When I questioned Mitchell as to why he was asking me if I would date his dad, he told me, "My dad does not handle rejection!" Mitchell had such a big heart even back then. Today, he is still that sensitive guy, only taller and with facial hair and lifelong friendsthat came over to wish him well at Kent State.

As the van was being loaded with the final items, I noticed that Pennylane was equally as upset and all sentimental. She sat at the back of the van
with those big brown eyes trying not to make eye contact for fear of the tears. She stayed focused on watching Mitchell's every motion. We were both a wimpering mess.

As Jeff and the team of movers rolled out of the drive way, I cried. I cried until I thought of Jeff doing a queer happy dance as he sang, Two Down, Four to Go! Just like Jeff can't handle rejection, I can't handle watching the baby birds leave the nest.

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