Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Toothless Tuesday

The tooth fairy will strike again. Eli lost his first tooth today, on Tuesday. Eli declared it was toothless Tuesday and he was so excited to join CJ's lost tooth club, an exclusive, members only club with admission to those who have already lost a baby tooth.

These clubs are killing me. Everyday these kids invent some kind of club. They purposely design the cliques to include and or exclude one of the siblings and it drives me batshit crazy. The toothless club was invented by CJ so he could play by himself. When he did not want to be bothered with those pesky siblings, he went into the toothless clubhouse- ALONE. Now, Eli is a smile carrying member, and now CJ has to let him in. GRRRRRRRRRRR.

Here is the Eli man, showing off his latest milestone.

He was thrilled to have lost a tooth because he is normally the first to do everything, and it is always a competition. All-friggin-ways a competition.

Of course, now, Natalie and Charlotte are practically pulling, wiggling and trying to see if they have any loose ones. This is one club they are dying to be in. You can't believe the hysterics that the boys have lost teeth before the girls. Waaaaahhhh wahhhhhhhhh wahhhhhhhhhhh.

It is toothless Tuesday here, and I wish it were Tequila Tuesday as in the day that follows Margarita Monday. Maybe the tooth fairy will get her drink on tonight, but only if "she" can invent her own super secret clubhouse.

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