Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Toothless Tuesday leads to WTF Wednesday

The tooth fairy delivered a gift card last night after watching episodes of Mad Men on DVD and downing a few adult beverages. Thanks to the extreme generosity of the local tooth fairy, Eli was the proud recipient of a Cold Stone Creamery gift card.

After breakfast, as we were feverishly planning our day, Eli lost another tooth.
Two in a row. My day was topsy turvy and whacked from there.

In my warped mind, I declared it WTF Wednesday. Natalie believed he did this just to piss her off. How many more days until school starts?

Eli had not even posed for photos with his prize, before the tooth fairy was put on alert for back to back dates. As I documented his tooth fairy gift,he was already minus another tooth in front. Oh the insanity. Rinse, lather, repeat.

I thought yesterdays girl drama/hi jinx/hysteria was bad, but when the competition raises the bar like this, the shrill, shrieking shrying escalates. I had to do some serious damage control to get through my WTF Wednesday.

I filled the rest of our day with plans to be out of the house. There was no way in world I was going to be holed up at home with two toothless boys and two green with envy girls. Pack em up, and move em out. Hello Giant Eagle.

I am onto something here. Call it a theme, call it a pattern- whatever you call it- with a shot of whiskey it is now officially WTF Wednesday.

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