Monday, August 8, 2011

The Real Housewives of Central Ohio

I am have officially created a new social group of my women friends-- introducing.... the REAL HOUSEWIVES OF CENTRAL OHIO. You may recall, my previous posse of suburban divas were known as THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF FRANKLIN COUNTY.

Now that I am hanging out with ladies that live in Northern Westerville (Delaware County) or have homes at Buckeye Lake, (Perry County) it seemed like my two groups needed separate identities. The bonus for me, is that I get membership in both without hurting any feelings or missing out on social engagements. These are two different sets of housewives each with their own benefits.

THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF CENTRAL OHIO are every bit as much fun as the Franklin County clan. They are just spread out more geographically speaking- they cover a larger part of the map but are equally as posh and pretty. These gals and I all had kids that were graduating seniors in high school for the class of 2011, so we have that in common. Now, we all have freshmen in college, so we can brag, vent, complain, lament and share the details about that too.

Jewel B, who is the ultimate hostess, invited us to the lake house for a cook out and an afternoon of leisure. Jeff and I had a blast being a part of the action, leaving our little kids at home, while we took a day to enjoy the surroundings. Nothing says housewives of Central Ohio,
like a boat ride with the Real Husbands of Central Ohio. With Captain Frank at the helm, and Jon R's frozen margaritas on board, we were totally set. The sweet sound of Jimmy Buffett and Van Morrison blasting from the speakers, as we ripped a nice wake across Buckeye Lake made it all complete.

Since Jewel and Frank included the recent graduates at the lake party, we were able to spend some quality time with our families, before these guys go off to various colleges in a few weeks.

This was bittersweet for the housewives, as we have watched the kids grow up together over the last 12 years. Most of these kids have been going to school together since kindergarten- and now they are off to begin a new chapter in their lives.

Spending this lazy summer day as a group was pretty special. Everyone enjoyed themselves with their peers- the adults kept to themselves and the grads stayed with their set of friends. It was nice that there was such a harmony between the generations.

I guess I will wait for Bravo to add us to the line up- until then, I am just going to enjoy hanging out with my fellow housewives. The REAL HOUSEWIVES OF CENTRAL OHIO sure do know how to have a good time.

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