Monday, August 22, 2011

Our AHA! moments

As Camp Helene officially enters the last week of the summer, we were crossing things off of our list, trying all the places we talked about going, and made sure we crammed as much activity into the last few camp days. We had the AHA! Museum on our to do list all summer, and today, we made it to Lancaster, Ohio.

Although the actual museum space is relatively small, it is still very worthwhile. The various stations are set up for the most creative of play.

There is definitely something for everyone, and my children made sure to see and do it all in the two hours we had between dropping off Argenida at school and picking her back up in downtown Columbus. These are the highlights

that showcase the AHA! offerings as demonstrated by my campers.

I could have written an entire blog post about the dress up options- there were costumes, props and all kinds of elaborate clothing selections to be modeled. At one point I was the proud Mommie of a chef, a princess, a fireman, a cowboy, a super hero, a bride, and a wacky witch.

I liken this collection of characters to my own Camp Helene troupe, the Village People mixed with some Disney and Marvel comics undertones. However you see it, the small guests were enjoying themselves, and that was the point.

It is days like today that make me glad to be the director of fun at Camp Helene. What other job allows me to get this many awesome photos for future Bar and Bat Mitzvah, Wedding and Family Reunion videos? Awe gee whiz kids, you can thank me later when these priceless photographs are used to laugh at your expense.

It is my own AHA! moment.

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