Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Official End of Summer

Most people mark Labor Day Weekend as the official end of the summer. I chose to observe a different calendar marker: SCHOOL. Once school starts, summer is over.

As I type this post, the backpacks are by the garage door, the clothes are ready for morning, and my camera battery is on the charger because, tomorrow morning is the first day of school, making today, the last day of summer.

In order to celebrate the last day of summer time fun, I pumped and hooked up this new outside water toy.

I only bought it because it was on the 75% summer clearance at CVS, and I had a $5 extra buck that pretty much paid for it. The kids were thrilled to run around the yard getting sprayed with hose water. Natalie was telling the boys, "Mommie only bought us this because it was on sale and we had a coupon, so Daddy won't be mad!"

They played, the yard got watered and you can see that most of the grass that Jeff poisoned earlier in the summer, is growing back. Good times, good times.

Summer 2011 and Camp Helene are finished. I can't say I am too sad. Once school begins, I will be back in business. Literally.


Michele S said...

I'm always surprised when Camp Helene and Camp Michele make it each year. Aren't you?

Kirsty S said...

Do I hear the champagne corks popping to celebrate the closing of the 2011 Camp Helene and Camp Michele? *lol*

Love that outdoor toy... my kids would totally use that over summer (which is yet to come, given I'm in Australia!) so I might have to start the hunt for it.

Kate said...

Hi, Helene.

I hope that you don't mind me contacting you through your lovely blog!

My name is Kate Szumanski, and Honey Tishgard gave me your name and number. I Googled you and found your blog. That's how I found you. Honey and I are acquaintances in Ardmore, Pennsylvania. Our children go to the same school and play sports together at the local YMCA.

Anyway, Helene, I'm writing because my family and I will be moving to the Columbus, Ohio, area sometime next summer. We're excited yet nervous, worried about uprooting our children, etc. We have a second-grader, Peter; a two-year old, Tess; and a baby boy on the way. I'm due in December.

I am researching Columbus and the surrounding areas, and I'm loving what I see. We're looking for all of the same things, I think, that most families who relocate look for: a great public school district, opportunities for children to play, ways to get involved in the community, etc.

My husband will be working in Columbus near OSU's main campus. We're looking at Bexley, Upper Arlington, and Grandview Heights. Seems like the schools are highly rated and the housing options are varied.

I wonder, Helene, if we're on the right track? Are there other areas that you would recommend or that you prefer?

I know you are a very busy person and that your hands are quite full, so please don't worry if you can't get back to me.

I wish you a happy end of summer and a wonderful beginning of the fall!


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