Sunday, August 7, 2011


My sweet daughter is perceptive. She notices EVERYTHING! Natalie listens, processes, and retains information- then when I least expect it, she recalls it. The apple does not fall from the tree, I know, I know.

Our conversations in the van are always interesting. The kids talk amongst themselves and I referee, interject and offer additional information. Natalie is typically the one to bring topics to the forum, and yesterday, she had perfected what I call a NATALIE-ISM.

While telling the entire carload of people about her friend Devorah, Natalie went into painstaking detail about Devorah's life. She said, "Both of Devorah's parents are doctors, BOTH OF THEM, isn't that cool?" Yes, it is cool- we all agreed. I took the conversation one step further, and I asked, "What kind of doctor is Devorah's mother?" Natalie said, "She is a VEGETARIAN!"

Of course, I had to laugh out loud. I knew she meant veterinarian, but to me, the Natalie-ism was so typical. Without even skipping a beat, Natalie said, "You know, the kind of doctor that takes care of animals....a VEGETARIAN."

Yup, got it.

Duly noted.

As I detail this story on the blog, I want to record this precious moment for the future. If I do not document this right now, there is a good chance I will forget how innocent and sweet Natalie was at this tender age. On days when this girl is argumentative and belligerent, it will be nice to reflect back on her five year old knowledge and willingness to have a meaningful conversation.

I can't wait to see Devorah's mother at back the back to school picnic. This is one Natalie-ism that can be shared with everyone.

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