Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My Columbus Zoo Guides

Camp Helene is winding down for the summer. We are in the final days of field trips, swimming, riding bikes, scootering and crafting. It is only a matter of days before camp is over and school starts. THANK GAWD.

With Netanaya visiting from St. Louis, the kids wanted to show her our zoo. They collectively decided to be Columbus Zoo Tour Guides for the day, and with maps in hand,

they set out to show her all the highlights, fountains, animals, kiosks, snack bars, bathrooms, and animal habitats, on a gorgeous August day.

We made sure to see all of the favorites and crowd pleasing exhibits. Charlotte wanted to tell Netanya all about the polar bears

and penguins- clearly her field of expertise.

Eli took over at the aquarium. He made sure Netanya saw sting rays,

manatees and all kinds of sea life. Eli was in charge of this part of the tour. Can you tell how proud he was to be her teacher?

Natalie wanted to show Netanya the flamingos. She made a point of showing everyone the way flamingos stand on one leg and tuck their head into their feathers when they are sleeping.

Various other patrons wondered if she was a zookeeper in training based on her knowledge of these animals. I was cracking up as Natalie worked the crowd. She shot me that smile and shit eating grin that means she is mildly annoyed.

It would not be a trip to the zoo without CJ's detailed and informative tour of the reptiles. Netanya was shown all types of snakes,

lizards and turtles courtesy of CJ Slutsky.

I did my part too. I was gracious enough to make sure we attended the Animals on Safari show. My job was to secure our seats,

and sit back, take photos, relax and watch as various trainers showcased their talents. I provided snacks, drinks and wisdom. Go me.

Overall, my little tour guides did a great job of showing Netanya the zoo. We managed to get out of the parking lot without any tantrums or hissy fits, from me. I am in countdown mode over here. Anyone want to borrow my zoo guides next week before school starts?

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