Tuesday, August 9, 2011


I have been stocking up on bargain priced school supplies. This is the time of year when you can buy crayons, pencils, filler paper, spirals, and glue sticks for pennies on the dollar. My homeschooling supply closet is stocked.

Lately, the kids have been working on math. They all do worksheets that I bought at the dollar store. These coloring books have basic addition and subtraction problems, number sequence games and various skip counting situations. Even Charlotte is getting in on the action. Math is fun if you have new mechanical pencils to use. I have found the hot button- new pencils make math more fun.

I spied Natalie working in her composition book. I thought she was writing sentences or practicing her upper and lower case letters on the college ruled paper- but she was actually creating addition problems. After she wrote down the problems, she solved them.

Every once in a while she would check her work by asking me to answer, what does 8 plus 8 equal? Fortunately, I am great at kindergarten math. First grade? Maybe? Six grade, no way in Hell.

Math mania- just another benefit of sending the kids to Camp Helene. Look out campers, Mommie is gearing up for a lesson in percentages, as in discounts and savings on more school supplies. We have a special group field trip tomorrow: Office Max has one cent rulers, crayons, pens and paper. There is a lesson to be learned!

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