Thursday, August 18, 2011

Lessons in Cesareans and Circumcisions

We took Netanya to COSI today. It was a science filled adventure in summer learning. With all the exhibits and hands-on experiments, we were sure to enrich young minds. Little did we know just how much they would learn.

I took photos

of practically every stop along the way. I had to swap out my camera battery just as we entered the LIFE exhibit. I put Netanya in charge as I fiddled with my digital, and when I looked up, the kids were watching a documentary on circumcision.

Before I freaked the fuck out, I realized they were totally engaged in the presentation. This has been a topic of discussion both on this blog, and among my own kids, as we have been invited to several brit milah celebrations lately. While I am on the subject; a big, huge, happy, mazel tov to Ephraim and Aaryn on the arrival of their baby boy, who coincidentally, is scheduled to be circumcised on Sunday.

All of the kids sat on the edge of their seats watching the short film clip- pun intended. The narration gave the entire play by play of the procedure,

(CJ did not want to hear of it, but he was ok to look, thus covering his ears) as the speakers blared the technical names of the medical instruments, why they use them, and how it all works. This was a detailed account of circumcision from start to finish. I was slightly queasy from the graphic display of gore, but my freaky kids were viewing it like it was a Disney Classic.

As the on screen doctor finished the process, Natalie shouted, "VOILA!" and I heard several other COSI guests cracking up. Only my five year old daughter could sit through a "circ du wee-nair" show and get complete strangers to laugh out loud. You would think men would be wincing but when Natalie said, "VOILA!" they were hysterical. Rightfully so.

Up next, was the audio-visual display featuring a Cesarean section. This was fascinating to my four young surgeons in training. Since all of them were "borned" this way, they paid close attention.

This helped them understand why I have a scar from where they came out of my belly. Thankfully, this prevented me from having a conversation about vaginal birth, because I would have needed a cocktail first.

With all the great offerings at COSI, and my 177 jpg images to prove how much fun we had, these two movies were seriously the highlight of their day. Taking apart

a computer or strolling through the laser light milky way was nothing compared to the information gained in the cesarean and circumcision show. Oy Vey.

I guess I do not need to worry about taking my monkeys to a bris ceremony. Perhaps, now that they are familiar with the up close and personal procedure, we should road trip to NYC this weekend to see Aaryn, Ephraim, Moshe and the new baby boy?

Mazel Tov COSI and Mazel Tov to the Rubin-Hollander families.

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