Monday, August 29, 2011

Kindergarten, Take Two with My Three

Kindergarten started today. Hallelujah, Amen, Amen.

Everything I learned about kindergarten last year, has carried over. I am ready. I have no fear of take two with my three.

I took our mandatory photos in front of the van. I know every family has their own set of rituals for the first day back to school photo opps, and I always shoot in front of our current car. I love looking back at vintage photographs that have cars in them. I always marvel at the fashion and the automobiles, so this is a no brainer for me. Besides, we will be driving this Toyota Sienna until the wheels fall off, so it is likely that these kids will be posing along side it until high school graduation.

In which case, I will be able to reflect back on how tall they were in relation to the license plate and rust spots. Oy Vey.

The triplets went to preschool with Li'elle. Now they are reunited again in Kindergarten, and it is like old times. Jeff and I adore her parents and if you recall, Li'elle is/was Eli's first love. I wonder how they will get along after all this time? Check out this group photo- my triplets, Li'elle and her first cousin (their dads are brothers)and a set of twins. Triplets, Twins and First Cousins all in the same class. How cool is that?

The kids saw some of their friends from last year. They understood that their former classmates are in fact, first graders now. Eli told me that even though Maya is in first grade now,he still plans to marry her. Clearly, there is no stigma in repeating kindergarten for these guys.

When it was time for the parents to walk the kids into their classrooms, Natalie gave me the stiff arm. She said, "Ummmm, Mom, we got this!" Obviously, I was an embarrassment to her, and I needed to keep my distance because she was an experienced kindergarten student. She did not need me to coddle her. So I didn't. I took this one last photoin the parking lot, and I tried not to leave skid marks with my van as I peeled out of there.

Instead of lolly gagging about the kindergarten classroom shedding tears,(been there, done that) I zoomed over to Starbucks and grabbed two coffees to go. I had a Mommie play date with Maya's mom and their 15 month old triplets. We sat in the playroom sipping coffee, gabbing about the kids, and it was so relaxing. So what did I do when I drop my triplets off at school? I go and borrow some more triplets for a few hours.

My fun continued when I met up with my triplet mom partners in crime. We had lunch, and compared notes on all the classroom/teacher/multiples drama.I used Lisa as my shield to appear thinner in this photo- a blonde bombshell diversion is good for hiding a multitude of figure flaws in photos. I highly recommend it- she's better than spanx. No one else like this photo because of the angle, but as I sheltered myself with Lisa, I was okay with it.

Before I could blink my eyes, it was pick up time. I hustled back to the school to make it for early release. The triplets could not wait to tell me all about their first day. CJ had an awesome behavior report from his teacher, and she was proud of his choice to stay focused. Natalie said, "You are not going to believe this, but my senior buddy is an expert at giving piggy back rides." When I pressed her further about the quality of her day, Natalie said, "It was wonderful!"

I have a very good feeling about this second year of kindergarten. I think that take two with my three is going to prove to be a good thing.

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