Thursday, August 11, 2011

Jason's Deli is CJ friendly

I took the kids to lunch at Jason's deli in Grandview. It is a new location, and I know that in the past, they have offered great kids meals at a reasonable cost. My sister told me that her Jason's Deli has a dedicated gluten free menu, so I made the executive, summer camp director decision to make this our picnic food for the park field trip.

The children's menu is awesome- it includes a side and a drink- which can be the Horizon organic milk boxes, or a juice box or fountain beverage. I got my crew good old fashioned, chilled tap water, in a nice Jason's Deli kiddie cup with a straw and lid, and I saved the milk boxes for a meal to be named later. I am cheap like that. The novelty of the fancy new cup was good enough.

The gluten free choices were excellent. It is so nice to see what the options are, and get to choose something from a list. I ordered CJ a PB&J sandwich on gluten free bread with chips and chocolate milk, and it was perfect. The other kids had either grilled cheese or a loaded baked potato with apple slices and milk.

Here is a copy of the gluten free menu- which is a PDF on the website.

The kids meals are either $2.89 or $3.59 and do not have nitrates, HFCS or artificial colors or dyes- which totally makes me happy. This allows me to let the kids select their own meal without my need to eliminate or exclude some of the choices on the menu. Normally, I have to police the items and this time, I could just let them order for themselves, which is a nice change from micromanaging.

Included in all the fun of waiting for the carry-out order, were some nice coloring books

and crayons. This kept the hungry small people busy while we were there. I do like a restaurant that offers bargain priced kid meals and provides some entertainment too. For a cheap skate like me, this stuff rocks my world.

I have officially determined that Jason's Deli is not only CJ friendly, it is Helene worthy. Thank you Aunt Shell for the strong suggestion to try it out. This will be a regular stop in our dining out repertoire.

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