Sunday, August 14, 2011

Invasion of Indianapolis

We drove to Indianapolis today. Jeff and I packed up the mini van, filled it with various DVD's, snacks, math worksheets, and four kids. We left the driveway before 8:00 a.m. to journey west on I-70.

In order to get Netanya back as my summer helper for ten days, I had to meet her dad half way between Columbus and St. Louis. When I realized that Indianapolis was the spot, I arranged for us to make a day of it. We scheduled a visit with Jeff's aunts so we could kill two birds with one stone- so long as we were there, right?

Aunt Marlene and Auntie Marian met us at Steak-n-Shake for breakfast. The kids had been in the van for about 3.5 hours by the time we got to Plainfield, IN on the West Side. It was remarkable that they sat, ate and behaved like civilized creatures. I am sure the greasy food, new crayons, paper hats

and coloring place mats helped entertain them. I needed coffee and a Valium, but whatever.

Netanya was a little late for our meeting time because of rain storms, so I had to take the kids outside and try my best to exhaust them for a more peaceful ride home. After I made them pose for this photowith the Aunts, I walked the kids across the parking lot for a field trip to the Harley Davidson dealership.

As Jeff stayed behind and chatted up Marlene and Marian, I tortured myself by taking four kids into a showroom full of motorcycles. Keep in mind, I love Harleys so this was going to be educational. I showed the kids all the various styles, told them about the tanks, fenders, saddle bags, and accessories. I suggested they choose their personal favorite.

I said, "Please look with your eyes not your hands!" about 500 times. They were so excited to see all the bikes up close- it brought out the goon in them. I was nervous they had a "you break it you buy it policy."

A fellow Harley enthusiast approached me. He said, "Are your kids triplets?" Before I could answer him, Charlotte gave her famous reply, "They are the triplets and I am the extra one!" He laughed and told us he is the father of four year triplets too. He has two identical boys and a girl, BBG triplets, a pair and a spare. He wasbuying his wife this awesome purple and black leather jacket to take back to Canada where they live. I took this photo of him, next to the matching motorcycle and we texted it to her from my i-phone. Us triplet parents stick together. I totally tried to get him to buy her the bike too, because that is how I roll.

To waste even more time, I took the kids outside and let them play on the landscape rocks outside of the dealership. I stood back and watched as they used boulders for a stage, played some kind of tag, and monkeyed around for another 45 minutes. I continued to document our invasion of Indianapolis

when they started being all cute and were getting along. Were these the same children that were just complete hellions inside the showroom? Who are these kids? Goons one moment, angels the next?

We finally got Netanya, drove back to Columbus and ended the day long invasion of Indianapolis. Once home it was business as usual with kids,
meals, dogs, laughing, fighting and general chaos.

My summer co-counselor has arrived and is full of energy. I am anxiously awaiting the invasion of my Pratesi sheets.

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