Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Dog Days of Summer

It is hard to believe Pennylane has only been with us since October. It seems like yesterday we went to Piqua to pick her up. The whole family is totally in love with this little pooch and vice versa.

She has adjusted well to the silly Slutsky life, that's for sure. Pennylane works hard, plays hard, and flops into a lap as if it was designed solely for her pleasure. Doesn't she look happy?

You have never met a Jack Russell Terrier this sweet and mellow- she is just a big lap lover.

During these dog days of Summer, we are ALL truly enjoying ourselves.

P.S.- I guess I should reveal that Netanya is loving Pennylane just as much as Pennylane is loving her back. And Netanya was worried she would miss her little Bitsy dog? Not a chance. Having a surrogate JRT fills the void.

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