Monday, August 15, 2011

The Dental Drama Continues

In case anyone is curious, No, Natalie does not have a single loose tooth. She checks inside her mouth every day, and is vastly disappointed that the boys have already lost teeth and she hasn't.

This is now my DAILY DENTAL DRAMA.

Imagine the absolute hysteria that ensued today, when another one of CJ's teeth fell out. This was devastating to Natalie. It is as if the tooth fairy is torturing her by letting the boys win some imaginary contest.

CJ on the other hand, was so excited to lose yet another baby tooth. This is one area of the triplet competition that is going his way. Everything is about being best, or first, or somehow different than the same age siblings. It is a multiples thing, I know- but oy, my head is ready to explode from the daily drama.

I quickly did damage control with Miss Natalie. She adjusted her sour puss NAT-I-TUDE and went about her business. Lord, if you have a shred of compassion for me, please, let Natalie lose the next tooth. Amen.

CJ was all too proud to show off

his new and improved grin. He dreamed about the prize that would be waiting for him in the morning. CJ suggested that the tooth fairy bring him a lap top. Yeah right.

As the dental drama continues here, this overworked and underpaid tooth fairy is going to go broke.

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