Monday, August 1, 2011

The Best Part

Lately, when we finish an activity or field trip, I ask the group for feedback. I like to digest their comments to see how much they took away from our eventful day. By asking the right questions, I can get to the best part and discover the real deal.

I am interested in quality control. I find that asking questions leads to learning- even with four and five year olds. I ask, they answer.

For example, I asked Charlotte about her favorite part of going to the library. I would have guessed that getting DVD's, reading new books, playing computer games or working puzzles

would have scored top marks from the tutu wearing patron.

I was shocked by Charlotte's reply- she said, her favorite part is the part when we pay. She meant, the check out process where we remove the security sensors from the DVD cases,

stack the materials and then scan the bar codes to complete the process. Clearly, this is my least favorite part. Now that I know how much Charlotte enjoys this tedious task, I have put her in charge. Asked and answered. Done.

CJ and Eli were conflicted about their library choices. CJ likes to open the front door with the automatic switch and Eli likes to play computer games.

When each of the boys heard their brother's response, they wanted to change their original answer. I learned that it is just as much fun to press the button that activates the doors as it is to use the computers. Interesting.

Miss Natalie told me that the best part of going to the library is "behavin." Behaving? To which she explained, "Yes, you know, when we behave and we get to go to Starbucks afterwards." Right. Gotcha. The best part. Agreed.

Asking questions is the best part, until I hear the answers, that is.

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