Saturday, August 27, 2011

Apple Picking Year After Year

We have made it a Slutsky family tradition to pick apples in September. This year, the apples are ahead of schedule and like every year since the triplets were 11 months old, we went picking.

As further proof that I was a raving lunatic back in Fall of 2006, here is a photo of me,the double stroller and baby bjorn. The family one row over took the picture and gave me the standard, "Boy, you've got your hands full remark!" I picked apples, the babies were just there for the fresh air, stimulation and photo opportunity. I am sure they enjoyed the scenery. It was the start of our apple picking tradition. Little did I know I would get pregnant a month later.

In Fall of 2007, Charlotte was a few months oldand I bungeed corded her car seat carrier into the choo choo wagon because I was bound and determined to get the apples picked. Just because I had 22 month old triplets and a newborn you could not stop me from being outdoors on a crisp fall morning. This was the first year the triplets could eat the merchandise, and they perfected the art of sampling.

We brought Argenida with us the following year and in 2008 she discovered what apple trees look like in person. When we drove into the orchard she thought the apple trees were fake props to entice you, as a visual display. When I explained that those were the real trees, with real fruit, she was in complete awe.

The kids on the other hand, were put to work picking and running around to release energy in the comfort of the wide open space. This was already starting to get fun for them.

I always enjoy taking them all with me to Lynd's Fruit Farm, because it is one of those educational, nutritional, economical field trips that exhausts them, if done properly. The photos never show me suggesting they run all the way up the hill, and back, 25 times. I began this additional tradition here in 2009when I needed to come home with amazing fruit, and tired children. In order to watch any OSU buckeye football, I needed four kids that would nap. Those were the days.

When Rosh Hashana and the Jewish New Year holiday fall around apple picking season, I am sure to capture a decent group photo for our family greeting cards.
Here in 2010, I coordinated their outfits to the template and scrapbooking card stock because I am insane. Seriously, does anyone else do that?

Now, we are current and caught up to this morning.

Who are these grown up kids? Wasn't it just a few days ago that they were safely contained in a wagon or stroller? Good lord, now they are practically professional apple pickers. We filled two, 16 pound sacks full of Gala Apples in less than ten minutes. Apple picking is getting expensive now that the entertainment value is reduced to such a short period of field time. Of course they still sample as they work, which makes it so much fun, even still.

Every time we go out to the orchard it is a trip down memory lane for me. I still imagine my helpers needing direction and constant supervision. I have to step back, watch them going through the motions and realize, they are getting older, but this is one family tradition that never gets old.

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