Friday, August 19, 2011

All I Want For Labor Day is My Two Front Teeth

As if the dental drama of the last few weeks was not enough, today, CJ lost anothertop tooth. The poor kid has lost three upper and two lower teeth so far. No matter how many teeth he has, or does not have, he has not missed a meal or snack.

No one here is keeping score. We have continued to reiterate that everyone loses teeth at their own pace. Some kids learn to walk early, others talk early. Some kids lose teeth in Kindergarten, others may not lose a baby tooth until second grade. None of this matters to Natalie. In her mind the score is Natalie, zero- Eli, two, CJ, five. It is killing her.

You can see that CJ's two lower teeth have started to grow back- so his lower gap is closing.

But the uppers.....not at all. With his summer buzz cut hair, 5 missing teeth, skinned knees, scraped face, and dimples, this kid is caricature of himself.

Since I know he won't be able to wait until Christmas, I have been teaching him the song, "All I want for Labor Day is my two front teeth!"

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