Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A Zero Star Rating

We are doing the guest room shuffle. This is the game we play on a regular basis. Unlike musical beds, this allows us to accommodate a guest or sibling home from college. The kids love to make a guest room because that means we have company.

This week my friend Rich is visiting on business for a couple of days. The Slutsky welcome wagon made all kinds of signage

for the arrival of our family friend. Aren't these so much warmer than the standard: no smoking, check out time is 12 noon? You don't see the Marriott Courtyard personalizing the greetings at the front desk.
Welcome Rich! Have a good time!

Perhaps now that we offer custom banners, we can improve our star rating on expedia. Up until now, we have been a zero star property. With the vacancy in the new and improved guest room, a completely non-smoking facility, free breakfast, complimentary cocktails and wifi connectivity, we will kick it up a notch. The Slutsky Summer Guest Room, currently a zero star but hoping to be a one star by the end of the season.

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