Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Wife of a Second Degree Black Belt

I watched Jeff as he tested for his karate promotion. I wanted to be there to support him, see him accept the challenges from his mentors, and earn his second degree black belt, or Ni-Dan ranking in his chosen sport.

Fortunately for both of us, the testing process goes in order of advancement. This meant his actual test was administered at about 10:00 at night after the other, less advanced students went first. This made the un-air conditioned dojo somewhat(?) cooler than it was earlier in the day. It was still just sticky, hot, humid and stinky in that un-air conditioned barn dojo, even that late in the night.

As gross as this sounds, there were beads of sweat rolling down my back into my La Perla, and I was just sitting there watching the action. Can you imagine how disgusting this was for the students who were fighting, doing kata and trying to impress the panel of judges without being winded and out of breath after each portion of the exam? It reminded me of hot yoga class where the room is intentionally heated to 100 degrees for the added schvitz. This studio was heated courtesy of mother nature.

This is what it looked like as Jeff earned his new title.

THANKFULLY, there was no option for smell-o-vision or climate-o-vision on my camera, but you can see the obvious signs of stress and heat related exhaustion in the images. Had the dojo had a/c or had the weather been more mild, it would have made this testing a bit less challenging.

No karate promotion can be captured in still images alone, so I shot some video at Jeff's request. He wanted to be able to go back and review his mistakes, and see what areas needed more work and take a closer look at the parts he aced.
He was so focused at the time, it will be nice for him to have these videos for reflection and posterity.

If you are anything like me, you won't know the difference between a good performance and an embarrassment. I had to rely on the reactions from the other folks around me to clue me in on the results. I felt like Paula Abdul on older episodes of American Idol. As a judge, I thought all the students did an awesome job out there, but obviously, I was partial to the father of my children. He did look exceptionally sexy out there as she sweated his ass off.

Regardless of the sweltering heat, Jeff did an amazing job. He did what was asked of him by the panel and committee, without any hesitation. He made his instructor proud. Not bad for a 55 year old, overweight guy who earlier in the daywas able to order breakfast from the senior citizen menu at Bob Evans. There are not many 55 year old guys that are as tough or have as much stamina as my husband.

As these images from the awards banquet dinner will show,
I am now the proud wife of a Ni-Dan. Not only can my husband break concrete with his bare hands, he can order off the senior menu too. How many other women can say this about their man?

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Jeff said...

As tough as this promotion was, I must give a big domo (Thanks) to my Sensei, Jack McPeek for preparing me for this. Also a big congrats to Lori McPeek who was awarded the WSKF Student of the Year.

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