Friday, July 8, 2011

Sweet Puppy Love

My kids are not the only ones in love with Pennylane. Usually it is Charlotte that dotes on the dog. Now, Lillian has gone completely crazy for our girl Jack Russell.

Ever since Lillian arrived, she has been following Penny around, holding Penny,and petting Penny. Aunt Shell is a close second to Lillian in the Pennylane fan club department.Watching Cash Cab on the DVR is so much cozier with a personal heating pad atop your lap.

It is sweet puppy love and the love is mutual. Penny adores the attention and she feels so at ease in the lap of one of her many admirers. Just about a year ago, this little pooch was in a 5 day kill shelter in Piqua, Ohio. Thinking about that makes me queasy.

Of all the fun activities, cool places and special treats we lavished on kids this week, I would be willing to bet, if you ask Lillian what the best part of her week was, she would say, "Loving on Pennylane!"

How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You!


Carrie said...

Ok so I browsed the beginning of your blog and I stumbled across an answer to a dilemma that I have had for a bit. I have wondered if I could stick our bumbo in the bath tub. I saw a bath tub photo of your youngest in one in the tub! I do not know why I have hesitated, I had visions of the bumbo breaking apart in clumps. Ridiculous but believe me those things happen to me.


Helene Eichenwald Slutsky said...


I totally used it, allbeit in shallow bath water, under constant supervision. It served the purpose for the first few months of bathing them all together when Charlotte was too inexperienced at sitting up unassisted.

After each bath I shook all the water out of it, dried it and set it upside down. No issues.

I am sure it is against every safety and parenting manual to use it this way, but under my circumstances I was okay with it,
but I am wild like that.

You could try it once and see if it gets you by until the baby can really sit there.

Carrie said...

Thanks, the baby can sit very well it is the big sister that knocks her over that I am worried about! I am giving it a try tonight!

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