Saturday, July 30, 2011

Summer Salon Adventures

The girls have been growing out their hair for locks of love. With this summer heat and humidity the process has been brutal. There are days when no matter we style their manes, it looks like a rat's nest.

I got to my breaking point. I could not stand it any longer. Literally. I was done micromanaging their hair. It was time to take matters into the hands of the professionals. I bit the bullet and scheduled a summer field trip to the salon.

This was Charlotte's first official hair cut. Oh sure, Eli had trimmed her hair with pinking shears about a year ago, but this was her first professional, in salon experience. Here are the before shots-
notice the long ringlets, and extreme sunlight highlights. Charlotte has beautiful hair, but in the humidity of a Central Ohio Summer, her hair is high maintenance.

These are the images of her first hair cut. I should have been all weepy and sentimental about it, but she is four years old and she was totally unafraid.

Can you see how much she was LOVING the whole salon treatment thing? A diva is born.

The after photos really show just how much difference a hair cut can make.
Charlotte went from toddler girl to fashion forward little pre-K girl. She was rocking the whole hair cut, summer salon adventure.

As for Miss Natalie, the photos will tell the story. She basically got into the stylist chair, and when asked, "What are we going to do today?" answered- "Just make me look like Lillian" At which point, I explained that cousin Lillian had an asymmetrical bob with longer front than the stacked back. And away they went to the shampoo bowl.

Natalie was at least 3 inches shy of being able to donate her hair, but we were committed to changing her look, so we proceeded with the transformation anyway.

Here is the photo detail that shows how a five year old girl can morph into a 25 year old salon savvy customer in about thirty minutes.

Natalie embraced her transformation from five to 25 with one look in the mirror and one lollipop from the treat bowl.

That was easy. I know have two little fashion forward, hair cut and styled girlie girls. Lord help me when they want to get color, highlights and feathers added. I saw my future today at Kenneths Salon, and my future looks expensive.

Let the Summer Salon Adventures continue all year long, Mommie needs a new doo.


asrubin10 said...

looks a little like kate gosslin to me...hehe (i liked the hair cut though...)

i'm dying for a sheitle like day...

Helene Eichenwald Slutsky said...

Aaryn, it's not a reverse mullet ala Kate. It's a bob that's longer around the front and stacked in the back. There's not a weird spike at the crown. Of course the stylist flat ironed it to be sure the length eas even but since we washed it and let it dry wavy you can't really tell how blunt it is anymore. Lord help me if Natalie thinks I'm going to flat iron it daily. That would be no.

asrubin10 said...

eh, i bet you could buy her a good quality one and she could figure it out herself...

Carrie said...

LOVE! I love cute bobs on little girls. Adorable!

Helene Eichenwald Slutsky said...

Thanks Carrie.

Aaryn, I will let you be in charge of flat ironing when you visit. I'm not going there yet. We have enough daily drama with what clothes and shoes.

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