Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Slutsky Cousin All Star Band

My kids are constantly putting on shows. They have their own band, their own dance club, and given some down time, they come up with all kinds of productions. Having four children collaborating in creative play leads to the formation of some serious entertainment.

I have often wondered if families with just two kids get this kind of group mentality going. Do two siblings form rock bands and produce their own musicals complete with dancers? I would not know.

We had a play date with Connor and Jack at the New Albany Library. Since they had never visited this location, my kids showed their cousins around. They read books. They did some puzzles. They played and discussed various versions of Mario Brothers. They bonded over common interests and it was so cute to listen to their deep conversations.

When Aunt Diane excused herself to use the bathroom, Eli suggested they all form a band and rehearse some numbers before she returned. Keep in mind, this is a regular form of imaginative play at our house. Poor Connor and Jack were like, HUH? A band? Fake instruments? Dancing? What are you guys talking about.

As CJ, Eli and Charlotte were choreographing their moves, I took the managerial role and assigned Connor and Jack to be the band. I am not sure they fully understood how to play air guitar and fake drums, but that really did not matter. My dance posse just made due without any tunes.

I love this video because it totally validates my theory that when you have your own preschool classroom of kids, they find ways to entertain everyone. Next time, I will make sure Connor and Jack are more a part of the show. I am sure the deer in the headlights look will wear off in time.

We won't be going viral on you tube until the Slutsky Cousin All Star Band can practice more and perfect their shows. Stay tuned for future debuts. Until then, Natalie will sit on her ass and watch like an audience, and I will film the productions as the manager and director.

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