Saturday, July 9, 2011

Our Zoo Zoo Pets

Taking all six cousins to the zoo on a Saturday is not something I recommend. It was crowded, hot and humid, but that did not stop these kids from having a blast and being the center of attention.

Our color coordinated freak show

of fake sextuplets took the Columbus Zoo by storm. As we visited the various habitats and explored the animal exhibits the kids were really well behaved. Of all the times we have invaded the zoo, this time was by far the best.

We have made it to the age where outings and field trips are more doable than ever.

After five and a half years, all I can say is, AMEN!

At one point during our stint in the reptile wing, an older woman approached me and tried to size up the kids. I could see her counting to six and pointing as she added all the heads. I knew what was coming and I was ready. Her question was so ambiguous that I had to take the bait. She said (pointing and circling her finger over the area where the kids were gathered) "What are they?" I said in my sticky sweet voice, "They are Zoo Zoo Pets!"

I asked for it when I color decorated all six of them, but at a crowded zoo, it helps to keep track of everyone. This explains why classrooms of preschoolers are always wearing the same color tee shirts on a field trip like this. Instead of screen printed tee shirts I just color coordinate in an eye pleasing selection of pink and green.

If you have seen one Zoo Zoo Pet you have seen them all.


Michele S said...

OMG, Mrs. Duggar.

Helene Eichenwald Slutsky said...

Ugh, pleeeeez. I wish I could grow my hair out that long.

And aside from all the Duggar Drama I do love me her kitchen. Have you seen that dishwasher?

asrubin10 said...


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