Friday, July 1, 2011

Our Old House

These kids crack me up on a regular basis. They say and do things that I want to remember forever. The cuteness factor is not lost on me, but with my soggy Mommie brain, I fear forgetting the good stuff.

Fortunately for me, I own a digital camera with a video option. I am savvy enough to regularly upload these tidbits to youtube for prolonged viewing. In this day and age I will be able to recall all the hilarious and not so hilarious moments of parenting my own classroom and summer camp.

Here is one of the more classic CJ Slutsky stories. This kid thinks about every detail, and he rarely misses the chance to analyze a situation. He noticed that our ceiling in the front hallway is textured and patterned. I have lived in this house for almost nine years and I never paid close attention to the swirly decorative stucco drywall above my head.

Of course, CJ has been studying this part of the ceiling, and here is his take on what and why the design is there.

Our house is very, very, very, very, very, old. CAVE MEN lived here and they left cave drawings on our ceiling. CLASSIC.

Let it be known that the reason my house is so ramshackled and dilapidated has nothing to do with my housekeeping, parenting or organizational skills.


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