Monday, July 4, 2011

Our BCF's

My kids are total sponges- as we know. They hear phrases, words, expressions and slang terms and store the information for recall and use.

I laughed when one of the triplets' classmates said they were all BFF(s). I asked Eli if he knew what BFF meant, and he looked at me like I was a total moron and said, "Uggghhhhh, Best Friends Forever, Hummmpft!"

Riiiiight! Yes. Gotcha Eli. Best Friends Forever. I got it. I was just checking to make sure he really knew the definition before he repeated it out of context. Sheeesh.

I fear my future when they will get all Valley Girl on my ass. Like. OH, MAH, GAH, I am so sure. Totally!

Fast forward to the swim fest at the PTAC with Lillian and Samuel. The cousins were playing, frolicking (you are not the only one MICHELE S.)and genuinely enjoying themselves. They hung out,

swam, and were buddies throughout the sun filled pool day.

At one point, I said it looks like you guys are BFF's. Eli promptly corrected me and said, "UGGGGHHHHH, no, Mom, hummmpft, (insert eye roll) we are BCF's, Best Cousins Forever, Duhhhhh!"

BCF's they are, indeed!

Please note, there is no photographic evidence that I was even at the pool, there is certainly not a photo of me wearing a swimdress. I was behind the camera, not in front of it. For a reason. Thank You. Have a nice day.

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