Thursday, July 14, 2011

The New Albany Farmers Market

Camp Helene took yet another educational and productive field trip today.The New Albany Farmers Market is right in front of the library on Market Street on Thursday afternoons all summer. It seemed fitting to schedule both outings with one buckle-up and one parking spot.

We arrived early enough to get parking along side the library. The kids played on the computers and read books for an hour before the Farmers Market officially opened at 4:00. The vendors are not allowed to start selling until 4:00, but I was able to scout out where I wanted to go first by making a Starbucks run while Argenida supervised the crew inside the library. I strategically located my favorites from last week, and mentally noted which booths were a must.

At a few minutes before the sounding of the bell, I gathered my freak show and we waited for the Gluten Free Expressions booth to open. This is always the first stop. CJ was chomping at the bit (literally) to taste his first black and white cookie.

He devoured the cookie and smiled ear to ear, while eating it. I also purchased an apple turnover and pizza roll for later. GF Expressions is a made to order gluten free bakery and everything we have tasted has been delicious. Cyndi is so nice and I could tell her heart is baked into each item-when she saw CJ's reaction to the cookie, she was totally validated and rewarded.

Do you have any idea how fun it is for him to be able to actually eat something baked while walking around? Until recently, his gluten free diet prohibited him from being able to get treats on field trips. He was fine with eating something I brought him from home, but he LOVES getting his own special item like everyone else does. Gluten free is becoming more known and mainstream. Five years ago, no one sold gluten free baked goods at a farmer's market.

We bought a peck of peaches that were picked just prior to their purchase. Say that three times fast. These juicy,

tree ripened peaches were amazing. I was hoping I could get the basket home before the campers started eating them and dripping juice all over my van.

There was lots to see, lots to taste and we now have a fun routine for Thursday afternoons. Perhaps tomorrow we can go blueberry picking before we make a happy birthday Amanda run up north.

Camp Helene rolls summer, I am buying a Mercedes Sprinter and I am open for enrollment. When you are already entertaining 4 kids, what is a few more? I hope there will be ample parking at the New Albany Farmers Market then.

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