Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My Husband Can Break Concrete with His Bare Hands

Jeff is preparing for his karate promotion next week. He is going up for second degree black belt in Shorinryu or technically, Ni-Dan.

He last tested for black belt when he was 23 years old back in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Sexy in this blue silk gi, right? OMG, if he had used this photo in the J-date profile I would have never, ever, gone out with him. After college and getting a real job, he took a long absence from the sport.

He has picked it back up and is actively getting ahead in the ranks. I am truly proud of him, and this is not sarcasm, for once.

In order to get ready for the test, he has been running kata, hitting the mukiwara board, and breaking
concrete pavers in the garage.

I am sure our neighbors are thrilled. First, they hear repeated blows to a wood post. Then after Jeff's hands are warmed up, they get to hear him strike the middle of a concrete slab.

It sounds and looks like this:

And they used to think the sound of three infants crying, three toddlers whining, and four kids playing outside in the yard was obnoxious?

I am getting a bumper sticker for the van. It will say, "My husband can break concrete with his bare hands." I will strategically place the bumper sticker underneath my OY VEY license plate for maximum effect.

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