Tuesday, July 19, 2011

It is not the heat, it is the creativity

As the heat continues to climb higher and higher this week, I am finding it easier to stay inside longer, get dressed and venture out only for specific events and retreat to our air conditioned sanctuary when it becomes unbearable in the late afternoon.

Here in the middle of a midwest summer, we have a heat index to allow for the humidity factor. The original saying was, IT IS NOT THE HEAT IT IS THE HUMIDITY. In the 1980's, I had a tee shirt that said, IT IS NOT THE HEAT IT IS THE STUPIDITY. Of course, this was a sarcastic play on words and it was true. Truer words were hard to come by for me, a self taught, Jewish American Princess growing up in Kansas in the 1980's.

Fast forward to July 2011 and my tee shirt should say, IT IS NOT THE HEAT IT IS THE CREATIVITY. Now, I am challenged to find free, indoor activities to entertain my kids as the thermometer reads in triple digits for the next three days. Triple digits with the ever present humidity that is-- with five year old triplets and a fourth, four year old triplet along for the ride. FML.

I am getting creative. I am finding ways we can do things inside without making us even more crazy than we already are. Instead of getting dressed right after breakfast, the kids have been lolly gagging around in pajamas until lunch time. Why get all dressed if we are not leaving the comfort of our air conditioned play room and crafting table?

This is what it looked like earlier today, when all four triplets were getting creative on their own. They were playing super heroes and made their own costumes, capes, hats and props, each with various super powers. I had to ask them who was who, because they were busy for so long that I knew there was a method to the madness. Charlotte was fancy princess, Eli was a Mexican blanket bandit,

Natalie was a Super Mom and CJ was just Super Caleb, complete with his purple crochet blanket cape and all kinds of engineering contraptions and gadgets. He is like the Mac Gyver of super heroes.

I have included the kids in all kinds of projects at home. We have purged all the outgrown clothing from their rooms. We have tossed all the toys that are broken or are missing key pieces. We have been watching educational dvd's from the library. And those winter showers with shaving cream that keep the kids occupied for an hour? They work well in summer too.

I swear, it is not the heat, it is the creativity.

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