Friday, July 22, 2011

The In State Stay-Cation Begins Now

I planned a little get-a-way for myself. I was getting burned out at Camp Helene and sometimes a needed break re-energizes everyone, the campers and myself included.

When Jeff told me that his International Karate event was being held in Troy, Ohio this weekend, I made arrangements to tag along. I knew good and well this was my chance to hang out in a cheap hotel room- just me, my laptop, a flat screen tv and a mini fridge. Two days of this kind of boredom was a welcome change from the non stop excitement and ever present chaos at Camp Helene this summer.

Keep in mind, I knew the accommodations would be way below average and even further below my own posh standards, but I did not care. Sadly, a two star, Fairfield Inn in Troy, Ohio was appealing in ways I can't describe. The thought of getting caught up on this blog, organizing my coupons, uploading photos to my scrapbooking files, taking a bath uninterrupted, and being alone with Jeff was more than I could pass up.

Not even the faint smell of old cigarette smoke and the overwhelming scent of febreeze could keep me from enjoying the peace in room 230. We must have gotten an upgrade because when I opened the drapes I saw we had a beautiful view of Wal-Mart and Burger King. It was heaven to me. I am sure my parents are reading this with evil grins- this is not the same ritzy Helene that refused to stay in a hotel unless they offered 24 hour room service and turn down service. I have come a long way, baby. Long way or desperation? You decide.

I was actually thankful for the over use of febreeze when Jeff got back from the dojo. Let's just say that old cigarette smoke and artificial spring rain showers are a refreshing alternative to the nasty stench of a gi top and pants drenched in sweat. I did not know the Troy, Ohio dojo was NOT AIR CONDITIONED. Omg, he was there all day sparring and doing kata in a sauna. It was 105 outside and about 100 inside the karate studio. I have never, ever smelled something so foul.

I found a plastic laundry bag, stuffed the gawd awful karate clothing into the bag, tied it off, locked it in the trunk of the car, and prayed that no one called the cops thinking there was a rotting dead body back there.

As we finished a delicious meal at Red Lobster (8 miles away) I was glad I came along for the fun. Date nights like this are hard to come by. I will take what I can get, when I can get it.

While my husband tests for his promotion, let the in state, stay-cation begin. I am ready to do absolutely nothing but enjoy the peace and quiet in room 230.

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