Saturday, July 16, 2011

If it is good enough for CJ Slutsky, it is good enough for Oprah Winfrey

While CJ does not have his own talk show empire, he does know a good thing when he experiences it. One of CJ Slutsky's favorite things is: The Cleveland Clinic. This 5 year old boy does not need his own network to have a list of his favorite things.

We continued even further north after picking blueberries yesterday, and made it to the Cleveland Clinic for CJ's annual follow up with Dr. Radhakrishnan. This is the appointment to check CJ's Celiac labs, chart his growth following the failure to thrive diagnosis of three years ago. Of all he medical teams that have assisted us over the years, this visit is always the most emotional for me.

If you are somewhat new to this blog you can learn more from this post.The bottom line is this: Dr. Radhakrishnan saved CJ's life.

When we arrived at A-111, there were not any toys or books to be found. This left the kids to entertain themselves by exercising.

They worked out in the waiting area and kept busy. Various doctors and nurses passed by and everyone commented on how they were doing cardio while at the Cleveland Clinic. Appropriate, right?

This is what it looks like with four kids in the exam room.

I had to find crayons and paper to keep them occupied until the doctor came into the room, lest my eardrums rupture from the sounds of whining and impatience. I showed the kids this chart,
and asked them which level of pain Mommie was experiencing while waiting for the doctor to arrive. They were mildly amused but did not get my humor. Someday, they will, someday.

Once Dr. Krishnan arrived, CJ took center stage.

CJ offered to listen to Dr. Krishnan's heart. They examined each other and it was a productive visit.

Little did CJ, or any of the kids know that Oprah Winfrey was there too. I had seen a glimpse of her on the way into the building, but with her security detail there was no opportunity for a social visit. I can totally respect her need for privacy. Argenida on the other hand, was dying to run into Oprah.

We never really crossed paths with the Queen of Daytime Talk Shows, but knowing that she was there was pretty cool to me. As we waited for my sexy mini van to be returned by the valet, the kids enjoyed the revolving doors,

and I took photos of Oprah's entourage. It was reassuring to know that if the Cleveland Clinic is good enough for CJ Slutsky, it is good enough for Oprah too.

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