Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Fourth of July, 444 Takes Later

Nana and Papa spent the Fourth of July here with all their grandkids. The fifth of July is Nana's birthday and as her gift, she wanted to spend the day with all six of them. Fair enough. Done.

Cue the photo opps.

Nana and Papa brought some props to use for their commemorative photo shoot on Fourth of July. Add some chazzerai, and cheap sunglasses from the dollar store, along with the red, white and blue color coordinated clothing, and voila.

With two adults, six kids and plenty of outdoor distractions, it took a ton of work to get one decent, canvas on demand worthy photo of the fam damily. I know it was high on the wish list for Nana, so I patiently and not so patiently hissed, shrieked, bribed, pleaded and begged the kids to look at my eyes, smile, and stand still. Easier said than done.

I love the power of selective photography- thanks to the age of digital cameras we just delete the unusable images and move along. Unless I admit it, no one would know that about 439 images were automatically deleted before they were even downloaded off the memory card. Ooops, I just confessed.

With these patriotic props and silly smiles, how could there be out takes, right?

What felt like 444 shots were snapped and there were some winners in the bunch.

SCORE, the sunglasses worked to mask who was acutally looking into the camera and who was bird watching, bug spying, and in la la land.

The kids were cooperative individually, more so than in the large mass that is six unique personalities. I was able to capture their spirit and enthusiasm for Nana's birthday.

They had to pose nicely because it was for Nana. Insert Jewish guilt here. Thankyouverymuch.

Happy Birthday America, Happy Birthday Nana. With love from the whole wacky bunch of us.

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