Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Disney Disc

Over a year ago, we went to Disney with the whole family. My sister, parents and I went in together the share the nominal cost on the whole Photo Pass option, which I highly recommend if you are a picture person. My brother in law had the disc mailed to him, made me a copy (with the proper copyright release) and sent it to me. Before I even uploaded or looked a single image, Eli monkeyed with the disc and cracked it in half.

Fast forward to this week when Rachelle arrived with my new copy of the Disney disc. I was so excited to finally get the images that I painstakingly made sure were taken during our week in Orlando. I almost forgot how much work it was schlepping 4 kids around in the Florida heat and humidity. (sarcasm) When I look at these photos I realize how much the kids have grown in 13 months.

Now that I have the disc in my possession, I need to weed through the photos, pick my faves and get them organized. I am taking a few personal days off from Camp Helene next week and if all goes as planned, I will be in an air conditioned hotel room, uploading the images to How Fast Time Flies. I can't wait to get this little project finished.

Here are some of the more classic photographs

that depict life with four energetic and sassy kids age 4 and under at Epcot Center.

It would not be a trip to Orlando without the added pleasure of Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom.

There is no sense in re-hashing all the gory details from the day, the photos will tell the story.

All of the other Disney theme parks are a blur- after the second day I was insane, and I have blocked most of the details from my mind as a sanity saver.

These are the highlights and low lights of those fateful few days with my four.

We are part Duggar, part Griswold, part Von Trapp.

Thankfully the Disney disc is here and my anxiety over the unfinished Orlando album is almost over. I am in countdown mode until my staycation from Camp Helene.

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