Wednesday, July 6, 2011

COSI Messy Science Day

Somehow, I missed the memo from COSI. I did not know that we selected MESSY SCIENCE DAY when we chose to schlep all six cousins on a field trip to COSI. In brand new, never worn before, matching, LEVEL ONE,
outfits from Aunt Shell, no less. Oh the madness. Serenity Now!

I took deep breaths. I got to my happy place. I decided right there on the steps of the building that I was going to just roll with it, let them get disgustingly messy and I would do damage control later, if necessary, After all, Oxy-Clean is my BFF.

It all started with bubble making. Huge straws and strings, dipping in the basins, dripping soap solution on shirts,

and creating ginormous bubbles that blew all across the entrance to the museum.

Clearly, this was the start of something super fantastic in the eyes of six little scientists.

Messy Science Day.

We stopped in on the ocean exhibit and rinse the soap off of the kids by encouraging them to monkey around with the various fountains and squirting devices.

I am not sure who had more fun, Papa or his grandkids. This would become a reoccurring theme for the day.

Here is the pinball machine located in the nostalgic 1950's style diner. Since the machine is authentic, it gives you 5 balls for a dime.

COSI has it set up so that you get five balls for a dime, and it returns the coin afterwards. This translates to a FREE pinball machine. Papa was all over this action. I would be willing to bet that if he lived in Columbus he would willing pay $5 to park just so he could play pinball all day for FREE. CJ and Eli barely got a chance to play, so I promised them we would go back without Papa, and that made their world seem all right.

Just when I thought the water shooters and pinball machine were bad, I made the choice to do the take apart workshop inside the Gadget Cafe. We did this last time and trust me when I say, some things never change.

The kids truly loved this opportunity and it was clear that Papa loved it more.

There is so much to see and do inside the building- messy or not, the kids were having so much fun together.

These photos do not do the day justice. There is a reason this is the #1 Childrens Science Center in the USA.

As we packed up the freak show and headed for the van, we were stopped by the sights of the soda bottle rockets.
The kids took turns pulling the fuse and laughing hysterically as they caused such chaos. It was the perfect way to end our Messy Science Day at COSI.

Once home I inspected the clothing and was pleasantly shocked that I did not have to pre-treat, or oxy-clean soak the garments. I was fearing my own version of Messy Laundry Night after Messy Science Day.

Next time, crappy t-shirt clothes and we are leaving Papa at home.

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