Friday, July 15, 2011

Blueberry Patch Kids

Camp Helene continues. Keeping the kids busy and stimulated meant hittin the road today. I brought along co-counselors Argenida and Jeff since it was such a beautiful July day.

The Blueberry Patch is a favorite summer time destination. Today, I put on the original Charlie and the Chocolate Factory DVD and I drove north. Quite fittingly, we arrived in Mansfield and pulled into the parking lot of the patch, when Violet Beauregarde started turning into a blueberry. I could not have timed it better if I had tried.

The kids picked and picked buckets full of blueberries.

They loved the sound of the loud air gun every fifteen minutes. This boom keeps the birds from the patch, but my kids liken it to experiencing fireworks, it was part of the fun.

Argenida had never seen a blueberry patch. Last year, when we went Netanaya was with us, so this year, Argenida got to go.

With three adults and four kids working the field, we had 19 pounds of fresh blueberries in less than an hour. SCORE.

I am not sure how many berries the kids ate while picking because it was difficult to see any blueberry juice on their blue camp tee shirts. I have my own collection of real dolls- I call them my blueberry patch kids. I never did like cabbage that much.

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