Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Blowing My Brains Out

I am really ready for school to start. So ready. And yet there is another 6 weeks before that will actually happen. I have been racking my brain to come up with adventures for us everyday.

Staying home = Boredom and Boredom + Four Kids = INSANITY. This is basic Mommie Math. And this equation is typical of my world 24/7/365.

If I can't find something for us to do, I invent something. I can't stand to be inside, trapped by walls with four energetic people. My van is a complete escape from the mundane. I liken it to be a snack mobile, DVD theater, taxi and coffee cup holder.

Mitchell gave the kids these cool looking, bubble filled wands. I stuck these toys in the back of the well equipped van and hoped that there would be a lull in the day, while we were out, so we could use them. Since Argenida's class was meeting at Easton today, using thse wands was the perfect time waster

while we were waiting. At one point, the wands got a bit clogged and I had to take a deep breath and blow them clean open.

And you thought the title of my post was more dark. Tsk, Tsk, you know me too well.

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