Thursday, July 21, 2011

Beat the Heat at the Library

Another triple digit day at Camp Helene. When it is this hot and beastly it is best to stay indoors. Unless the campers are restless, in which case, a field trip is necessary.

I got them dressed, and moved them out to the library. It is some good old fashioned air conditioned fun. Every other mommiein New Albany had the same idea today. Great minds think alike. Story time with Mr. Dave was standing room only. There was plenty of energy released with silly dancing,

audience participation, and singing. Mr. Dave read a few books and this Mommie was able to just sit on the perimeter of the rug taking photos and catching a 30 minute break from the kids and the oppressive heat.

The kids begged me to let them play computer games after story time ended. While all the other kids went home for lunch, my four plugged into a computer and brushed up on various reading and vocabulary skills.

This is a luxury for them and it makes me realize if we had a gaming system or computers for each of them at home, it would be a mistake. I let them have limited access to this kind of stimulation by taking them to the source via the library. Given a choice, I know they would be plugged into a screen 24/7 at home if it were an option. So far, it is not an option.

I scored some DVD's that I had reserved on line from home. I love that I can view the entire library system of movies and educational videos from the comfort of my laptop at home. Using my library card number and password, I can have my selections sent to the New Albany branch for pick up. It is so easy and it is absolutely, FREE.

As we got into the van at 12:30 this afternoon, this was the sighton the windshield console. Going north on Main Street it was already a humid and nasty 101 degrees.

I love the library for so many reasons, but this summer, it is the only way to beat the heat.

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