Monday, July 18, 2011

The Back Burner

Now that I am a full time camp counselor, the beloved blog has gone on the back burner. If you read my posts semi regularly, you know that during the school year I am able to update daily, in a somewhat timely fashion. In the summer, ughhhhhhh, not so much. At all.

The blog has taken a back burner to being a parent, a chef, a maid, a taxi driver, a laundress, a lifeguard, a camp counselor, a referee, nurse, photographer, and a life coach. In my list of priorities, blogging is right behind all of the above, which means, I have been taking the photos, processing the ideas, thinking about my witty remarks, chronicling the days but failing to execute on time.

This is called real life with four small kids, two Jack Russell Terriers, and a husband that is in training to become a second degree black belt. I won't blow smoke up your ass, this is not the most fun time of the year. For me. I do not like summer.

During the school year, there is an order and schedule that does not really vary Monday through Friday. After the children are in school, I am able to prep meals, grocery shop, do laundry, blog and take a moment to digest my thoughts in front of the laptop. Virtually uninterrupted. It is civilized and calm. The sun rises at 7 and it is dark by 6:00. The days are shorter and the weeks fly by.

In the summer my day begins at sun up and does not end until many of the campers are fast asleep, and even then, there is often musical bed drama, potty runs, dog walking, and husbands beating the shit out of a wooden post in the backyard. It gets dark after 9:00 and it is hot, humid, and long. Compared to a central Ohio winter, you would think this would be a good thing. It is not.

I love being a parent. I love my kids. The days are really long but the weeks fly by. These are the primary reasons I started the blog in the first place. These are the reasons I continue to keep track of our lives in a more permanent manner. If I had to rely on my brain to do this, it would be a hodge podge of selective stories filled with sunshine and rainbows. We all know that this blog serves as a reminder of the good, the bad and ugly side of my journey. There is not a mental block on the drama. I keep it real.

Lately, real means, the back burner. Right behind a list of bigger priorities.

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