Monday, July 11, 2011

Another Week of Camp Helene

I am deep into Camp Helene now that the grandparents and cousins have left. I spend every waking moment of may day preparing and cleaning up meals, schlepping people places and finding time to research where we can go and what we can do for free.

Ahhhhhhh, my saving grace, the library. I saw that Marc Rossio, the music leader from preschool at Temple Beth Chanel was performing a concert in Gahanna. Checklist: Geographically desirable, entertaining, and FREE. I was all over it.

The kids were so happy to see Marc. They used to attend his concerts at Easton back when they had to sit in high chairs, so there is a familiar history with him. They have fond memories of his Friday Shabbat shows at their preschool. They think he is funny and since he is sarcastic, they totally get his sense of humor.

There was plenty of dancing, singing,

and audience participation. A concert with Marc is action packed and requires the kids to be involved and engaged with the moment.

At one point, CJ was bored with the show, so he kept himself busy building stuff with the DVD cases.

This is so typical of him, and I admire that he can find something to entertain himself when what is being offered does not suit him.

After the show we settled into the reading nook and everyone grabbed a book and cozied up to read.

CJ chose to work a puzzle from the buried treasure trunk instead. I checked out a few books for them, grabbed some DVD movies and we called it a field trip.

It is just another day at Camp Helene where I am overworked and under paid.

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