Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Warm Fuzzies

This week in Kindergarten, the triplets brought home all kinds of treasures. This is the last full week of school, so they are clearing out the classroom.

Each week a student is star of the week. During that time, the entire class says something nice, and pays the star a compliment to make them feel good about themselves. This project is aptly called, the Warm Fuzzies.

Eli, CJ and Natalie brought home their warm fuzzy posters

from school. The document the exact quotes from each student, and the teacher also adds a statement to make a warm fuzzy feeling for the star of the week.

I was cracking up at the some of the praise from their peers. I took photos of the posters and if you click to enlarge them, you might be able to read them with a magnifying glass.

After realizing that the precious statements from their friends might be lost for all eternity, I decided to go back and take up close images. You never know, one of these pishers*** might turn out to be the next Mark Zuckerberg- in which case it would be fun to say, see guys, so and so had a sense of humor in kindergarten.

William Eli is Volf in Hebrew, and his classmates think he is nice.
Abby flat out said she loves him, and Dovid called Eli his BFF. His teacher wrote that Volf is a mature and sensitive boy that is gentle and kind.

Netanya is Natalie's Hebrew name and her peers agree that she is a good friend.
Eli went out on a limb and said that she is the best sister in the universe. All hell will break loose when Amanda gets wind of that. I of course, have it in writing. SCORE!

Kalef Yonah is CJ, and his warm fuzzies were right on the money. The little pishers in kindergarten see him accurately.
Becca likes the way he smiles, Shalva thinks he is extra funny, Shaindee and Kayla said the same thing- he is cute, but Talia stated that he is really, really, really cute. The teacher said CJ is creative and makes very interesting crafts. This is code for he designs contraptions when the other students are coloring or drawing on paper.

I have folded up these posters and I plan to keep them. By the time they are all in middle school the girls will be mean to each other, the boys will be fighting and when they complain about how terrible their classmates are, I can whip this out and show them how sweet they all were when they were five and six.

Plus, you never know when one of these pishers is going to become famous. At least my three can all say, we were friends in Kindergarten. Awwwwwww, it does make me all warm and fuzzy.

Little punks, kids, also derived from Pisherlach, a young boy's penis, pish meaning to pee.
Those pishers played little league together.

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