Saturday, June 11, 2011

Smiling Skypers

My children are growing up in an age where communication is taken to a higher level. In my day, we could call anywhere, but long distance came at a price. A long distance call trumped local in priority.

Now, without unlimited talk and text we call anywhere, anytime for free. Adding Skype to a laptop let's you see, hear and be in the same room with your caller, "so to speak."

With grandparents and great-grandparents in Kansas City, and with us in Columbus, the addition of Skype has allows us to keep in touch with a visual image along with a voice. Here is the set up when the kids Skype with Grandma Eichenwald.
She has a headset and microphone hooked up to the computer on her end, and my kids just sit on my lap in the dining room, one at a time. Pretty slick, ehhhh?

It used to be difficult to have a conversation with Grandma because he is hard of hearing- and she is 100 and a half years old. When she wears her fercockta*** hearing aids, she gets buzzing feedback, and when she does not wear them and we talk phone to phone, she can't hear a damn thing. What? What? Huh? With the groovy headset and microphone she can be a better part of the conversation.

As I blog about this miracle of innovation, I wonder what my kids will use in the future. Will Skype be a dinosaur like "long distance" phone calls? See kids, Mommie had the most up to date technology for you in 2011.

You were all a bunch of smiling skypers.

Directly cut and pasted from the Urban Dictionary:
Can be used in place of the word stupid, fricken or in some cases fucked up.

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