Friday, June 3, 2011

Pool Perfection

I have blogged endlessly about our favorite summer hang out- the Plain Township Aquatic Center. If I were to design a public pool that is family friendly, this would be my idea of parental paradise. It is pool perfection.

Today was our first trip of the season. The weather was ideal at 4:00 when admission is only $4. The sun was hot and the temps were hovering at 80 degrees. Not too hot, not too cold, it was a ma-chaya*** to be outside.

I just love the smell of sunscreen in the late afternoon. For four bucks a pop my ultimate goal is the wring every last ounce of energy out of the kids. I strive to bring them home utterly exhausted.

I remembered the towels, the snacks, the sunscreen, the drinks and the pool bag- but I forgot my camera. What would I do without my prized I-phone? Oy, the insanity of it.
I was able to capture the beauty of this day without any real problem. Thanks to the video capabilities I could give you a little tour of the pool playground space. It is zero entry so you can stand there filming your kids with the water only up to your ankles. Genius.

It goes from winter grey and cold to humid and hot overnight. When it is a ma-chaya out there, you gotta get out and go!

Happy Pool Days!

***Ma-chaya (muh-chay-ugh)
A delight. This is the life. Can be used to describe food, weather, or any pleasure.
Going to Miami Beach in the winter is a real ma-chaya.

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