Thursday, June 23, 2011

Panama vs. USA

It could be said that it is always Panama versus the USA at our house. With Argenida here, it is rare that her Panamanian heritage is not influencing the kids. We influence and Americanize her, and in turn, she makes sure the whole house is under the Latin spell.

Last night, Panama played the United States in soccer. This game was televised on one of the Spanish speaking stations, so we planned to make an evening of it. I made a half Panamanian, half American dinner. Instead of the traditional Arroz Con Pollo, I mixed in our American version of chicken, along side the Panamanian rice and beans.
Note to self, fried chicken with rice and beans is good in theory, but is kind of nasty in reality.

I decorated some store bought sugar cookies for Argenida. I did not have time to make homemade cookies during our busy, action packed camp session, so I had Jeff print some Panamanian flags at the office, and I taped them to toothpicks to create a festive dessert.

I think Argenida appreciated my enthusiasm and creative spirit, even if the dinner sucked balls.

As we were waiting for the soccer game to begin, I played some Latin music on my i-phone. I had to find my camera so that I could video tape Charlotte dancing without interrupting Shakira on my i-tunes.

Here is all the proof you need that these kids are soaking up the Latin culture.

As for the game- the USA won and will go on to play Mexico on Saturday. This is awesome because Argenida's boyfriend, Edgar, is from Mexico. We have another rivalry match to plan for. This time I will make enchiladas and margaritas as he cheers for Mexico and we have some Jimmy Buffet songs and frozen cold beverages.

Forget the kids learning about Latin culture- gimme enchiladas and margaritas and I will be able to survive this whole Camp Helene thing.

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