Saturday, June 18, 2011

Lost Footage

I had planned to retroactively post about all the fun associated with Charlotte's fourth birthday today. Oh. My. Gawd. She is four years old. How did this happen?

With the debilitating virus that consumed my computer, I was unable to blog. I did take photos and somehow during the initial upload of the birthday photos, the virus ate the images and they could not be recovered. It's a shonda***, and there is no way to fix it. I am so upset. I know it is just one day worth of memories, but still, she was so excited as she opened the fancy new, twirly, crinoline skirted dress from Nana and Papa. I had already wiped the memory card from my camera, so re-uploading was not an option.

In the grand scheme of things, this is so minor. I am all fired up and pissed for nothing. That being said, I have the images, now considered the lost footage in my mind.

I am hoping to come back and update this post when the lost footage is found. Until then, I will get caught up on the other happenings at the chaos center that is my life. Mitchell said it best, "CLUSTERFUCK!" Truth be told, it is a clusterfuck!

**** Shonda
A pity. A Shame. An embarassment of misfortune.
"Did you see hole in her dress, oy, what a shonda!"


Kirsty S said...

Did you take your memory card to the camera store, Helene? Sometimes (not all the time, but it's worth asking) they are able to recover deleted images straight from the memory card. It may be worth a try.

Mona Baker said...

helene, don't use the card, as long as they haven't been written over they can be recovered, i have had more than one hom friend need to do this, they're not really gone when you delete

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