Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Kindergarten Commencement

Jeff and I attended the triplets' kindergarten graduation today. It was a beautiful ceremony in the shul,*** at school, with all the kids completely fapootzed. The entire class was on the make shift stage, they sang songs and entertained the masses before receiving their diplomas.

I tried to take some photos of my children, but I was competing for the right spot, the best angles and I was jockeying for a direct view of the faces with 40 or so other parents.
The school contracted a professional photographer to video tape the program, service and take individual portraits of the graduates as they got their diplomas. For a fee. If I had $40 per child, or $120 laying around, I am not sure I would allocate those funds for fancy photos and a commemorative dvd.

I will just make do with my own crappy shots, my fond memories and call it a day.

Fortunately. I snagged these photos just outside of the school shul.

I knew the action shots would turn out iffy, so at least I captured their real personalities on my digital.

All of the kids had a speaking part and were instructed on how to use the microphone. I was able to video record CJ because I knew exactly when his part was to be said.

My battery died about five seconds afterwards, so I will have to make due with hearing only his sweet voice from this special day. Please be seated. He practiced this line for a week!

Jeff and I were so proud, so impressed and so thrilled with their experience this year, that we are doing it all over again in the Fall. Kindergarten commencement take one is done.

Yiddish slang for synagogue
The Bar Mitzvah service was held at the shul.

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Michele S said...

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. It makes me all weepy. These kids are growing up too fast. Make it stop!

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