Saturday, June 4, 2011

I Made It!

For those of you with multiples younger than mine, I hope you find this blog post inspirational. Today, a small miracle happened and I am proud to say, I made it! I survived five plus years of micromanaging the triplets in social/public situations.

It all started as a day of running errands. Costco, Steak-n-Shake, Giant Eagle and Lowe's were on the list. After we pulled into the parking lot of Lowe's I saw what appeared to be a bounce house, inflatable Brutus Buckeye, and a mini kiddie carnival. Fearing the worst, I had Jeff stay in the van with the kids until I could investigate the cost of this fun.

It turned out to be F-R-E-E so all four of my monkeys took off their shoes and enjoyed themselves at all the various inflatable OSU themed playthings.

This was a nice surprise for us, as it was not part of the regularly scheduled programming. I was glad to treat them to something so obviously exciting to them.

When I gave them all a five minute warning, they finished sliding and jumping. I said, "Everyone get their shoes on now!" AND. THEY. DID.

I almost fainted from the sight. I survived 2071 days of putting on someone's shoes. I mean, they are capable of putting their shoes on, but given the number of kids I have, the law of averages implies that I have to assist at least one of them. Today, not so much.

I made it.


Melanie said...

Isn't it awesome that our kids are growing up and we're able to step back a little bit! I love that it's summer and we can just wear flip flops everyday since they can put them themselves.

The picture of CJ and the cheerleader cracks me up! Such the ladies man!

Michele S said...

Praise Gazoo!!!! If you had gone with fugly Crocks, they would have been doing it 2 years ago. I didn't either. I have standards, albeit exceedingly low standards.

Helene Eichenwald Slutsky said...

We are anti crocs. I'd die before my kids would wear them. Velcro closures are already pushing me over the edge.

@Melanie. He loves the ladies. I fear the tee. Years with that one

asrubin10 said...

moshe loves his crocs! and he looks adorable in them....especially when he's wearing his scrubs ;)

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