Wednesday, June 8, 2011

How can I resist this hillbilly?

As further proof that life with multiples is unpredictable, CJ lost yet another tooth. This is the fourth tooth to come out, but only the third one that warranted a visit from the illusive tooth fairy.

Of course the other kids are freaking out about CJ's good fortune. They simply can't fathom why he has already lost three teeth, and they have not lost any. We have discussed it at great length, and they are slowly realizing that every action, every event, every day is NOT a competition. Yeah, right. Shoot me now. I fear the teen years already.

Thankfully, I have been giving gift cards from our tooth fairy. This has made it possible for the other three triplets to embrace the notion that every time CJ loses a tooth, everybody benefits. Tooth number three scoredCJ an AMC movie card. This will come in handy next Friday when Mr. Poppers Penguins opens and we all go to see it. CJ is so excited to pay for all of us to see the movie. He loves getting to pay. Clearly this is a phase.

In case you are curious, here is my boy, minus four teeth in front.
Adorable. How can I, or anyone, resist this little hillbilly?

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